X-Yachts X4³

The X4³ is the second model in a new range, aimed at the discerning sailor and his crew. It utilises advanced, proven technology and build techniques which only incorporate first class components, enabling the exploration of new uncharted horizons in comfort.

Designed to complement both the existing two ranges, Xperformance (Xp) and Xcruising (Xc), X models offer both excellent sailing capabilites and a modern spacious interior. The new 'X' models will include innovative design features above and below deck, the latest build technologies and the use of exceptionally high quality materials. By introducing this range, X-Yachts continues sharing the passion for 'Superb Sailing Pleasure'.

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DisponibilitéSur commande
Pour plus d'informations sur le voilier X4³, consulter le site Internet du chantier X-Yachts ou contactez-nous.


DesignerX-Yachts Design Team
Longueur hors-tout12.91 m42'4"
Longueur de coque12.5 m41'0"
Longueur de flottaison11.31 m37'1"
Largeur totale3.95 m13'0"
Tirant d'eau peu profond1.85 m6'1"
Tirant d'eau standard2.2 m7'3"
Tirant d'eau profond2.5 m8'2"
Ballast3800 kg8378 lbs
Déplacement - léger8850 kg19511 lbs
Motorisation diesel33 kW45 hp
Réservoir carburant200 l53 gal(US)
Réservoir d'eau340 l90 gal(US)




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