X-Yachts Xc 45

Pure Cruising. The Xc 45 was the first model in the Xcruising range to be launched, and was named European Yacht of the Year, praised for her combination of cruising comfort, performance under sail and responsive handling. As with all the Xc models which followed, the Xc 45 incorporates the X-Yachts steel hull/keel girder for strength and resistance to grounding, with deck and sail layouts designed for ease of handling when sailing two-up.

As the first model in the Xcruising range, the Xc 45 also introduced the Xc modern classic style. The "Next Generation" of the Xc 45 features larger bathing platforms, enlarged hull portlights, improved storage and functionality in the interior, and updated styling options.

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ModèleXc 45
DisponibilitéSur commande
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Longueur hors-tout13.86 m
Longueur de flottaison12.76 m
Largueur totale4.32 m
Tirant d'eau standard2.2 m
Tirant d'eau peu profond1.8 m
Ballast, standard5965 kg
Déplacement13220 kg
Motorisation diesel55 kW
Réservoir carburant440 l
Réservoir d'eau615 l
Cabines, standard3
Heads, standard2
Grand voile61.3 m²
Inner Tacking H W Jib31.8 m²
Génois 108%50.7 m²
Génois 140%65.3 m²
Self-tacking Jib 94%44.1 m²
Spinnaker asymétrique180 m²
DesignerNiels Jeppesen, X-Yachts





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