X-Yachts Xp 38

The Xp 38 delivers an unrivalled sailing experience in a dual-purpose cruiser-racer. This model after launching, quickly developed into a global fleet, with boats sold from Japan to Hungary, Switzerland to Australia. It was nominated for Boat of the Year, with one judge commenting: “The main reason you own this boat is because you love sailing. Seeing it underway, it just lights you up.” (Tim Murphy, Cruising World).

This enjoyment comes from the Xp 38’s high level of responsiveness, thanks to high ballast ratio, light and stuff epoxy infusion construction and carbon keel structure, and controllable sail plan. High stability and ease of handling makes the Xp 38 a rapid and comfortable yacht to cruise with excellent sea-keeping in all conditions, as well as a high performance racing design for both inshore and offshore. It has scored a host of race victories under both IRC and ORC.

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ModèleXp 38
DisponibilitéSur commande
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Longueur hors-tout11.58 m
Longueur de flottaison10.36 m
Largueur totale3.7 m
Tirant d'eau standard2.1 m
Tirant d'eau profond2.4 m
Ballast, standard2760 kg
Déplacement6775 kg
Motorisation diesel21.6 kW
Réservoir carburant150 l
Réservoir d'eau260 l
Cabines, standard3
Heads, standard1
Grand voile, Alloy Rig    48.5 m²
Grand voile, Carbon Rig49.8 m²
Génois 106%37.1 m²
Spinnaker asymétrique130 m²
DesignerX-Yachts Designteam


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