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XO DFNDR is a boat that is of its own type and is equipped with attitude! It is a 25ft boat that is meant for tough and active use. It is a boat for the adventurous minds, for outdoor activities or as a commuter to your island. This boat combines the good sides of both open and cabin boats. The strongly built frame allows to have it open on a good weather or have it closed and heated inside on a bad weather. Additionally the boat has a lot of storage space.  As all XO Boats also XO DFNDR has superb driving abilities with its military grade aluminium hull and its deep v-shape.

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Longueur hors-tout7,76 m
Largueur totale2,28 m
Hauteur au-dessus de la ligne d'eau (env.)         1,98 m
Poids (env.)1.478 kg
Tirant d'eau0,9 m
Motorisation recommandée1 x 200-300 HP / 2 x 100-200 HP
Réservoir à carburant (env.)355 l
Nombre de personnes max.5
Deadrise at Tramson24°
Catégorie CEC




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