X-Yachts Xp 44

The Xp 44 combines impressive performance with simplicity of handling, appealing to all the family. This model was the first of the Xperformance line to be launched, and was named Sailing World’s ‘Yacht of the Year’ in 2014. A highly optimised hull shape offers exemplary performance in a range of wind conditions, on all angles of sail, under both ORC and IRC handicap systems. Key elements of the hull design include reduced upright beam and wetted surface area, while the transom shape ensures that as windspeed builds and the boat powers up, the overall waterline length increases for additional speed.

Additional performance is gained through the Xp 44’s exceptional stiffness and high stability, achieved by a high ballast ratio with additional weight in the keel bulb keel, and lightweight structures thanks to epoxy infusion build processes.

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Modèle Xp 44
Catégorie Voiliers
Disponibilité Sur commande
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Longueur hors-tout 13.29 m
Longueur de flottaison 11.89 m
Largueur totale 4.07 m
Tirant d'eau standard 2.3 m
Tirant d'eau profond 2.65 m
Ballast, standard 3850 kg
Déplacement 8650 kg
Motorisation diesel 30 kW
Réservoir carburant 200 l
Réservoir d'eau 350 l
Cabines, standard 3
Heads, standard 2
Grand voile 59.6 m²
Spinnaker asymétrique 170 m²
Designer Niels Jeppesen


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